Friday, 1 November 2013

Getting Started Calculating your Waist Size and Shoulder Size

Step 1: Calculating your Waist to Height Ratio

Measuring Waist Size: Use a measuring tape lined up at your belly button

                      Use the following equation to calculate your Waist to Height Ratio

Step 2: Calculating your Current Adonis Index Score

Step 3: Choosing Your Workout & Nutrition Program – Waist to Height Charts


On the next 3 pages you will find Waist to Height Ratio charts. Using your current Waist to Height Ratio, find your number in one of the three following charts.

The Chart that you find your current score in is the Adonis Index Workout program you will use.

Take Waist measurements every 4 weeks, checking back with these 3 charts to determine if you need to change programs or continue on the same program.


Each Adonis Index workout program Burn, Build & Burn, and Burn have 3 nutrition programs. Your height determines which program you will use no matter which workout you are doing. As you learned earlier your idea Adonis index waist is determined by your height, and your ideal muscle mass is also determined by your height. We have calculated the right amount of calories for your idea muscle mass using height.

If you are 5’7 or shorter use program 1.

If you are 5’8 – 6’0 use program 2.

If you are 6’1 or taller use program 3.

ADONIS INDEX Waist to Height Ratio Chart BUILD

If your waist to height Ratio is in this Chart use the Adonis Index BUILD program

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