Friday, 1 November 2013

How beautiful people live – the Untold Benefits of an Ideal Body

The life of privilege

Physical attractiveness has a significant effect on how people judge you. Your ability to impress others with the shape of your body will affect your success in business, your sex life, friendships and all other forms of social opportunity. People subconsciously attribute positive nonphysical characteristics like intelligence, honesty and humor to physically attractive people. In short, attractive people wield more social power than less attractive people. This is why The Adonis Index Workout is designed to reshape your body into its most attractive form.

By changing your body into the ideal human form, the Adonis Index Workout transforms your entire life. As you change your body, you can expect to have the benefits of all the social power that comes with being more attractive. You will live how the beautiful people live.

Attractive people are also assumed to be more outgoing, more popular, and happier. This will become a self fulfilling prophecy for you as your transformation into golden proportions will bring all of these changes into your life. As you develop your new body, get ready to receive more and more attention. This becomes a snowball effect as your confidence and social power beings to soar.

How the Beautiful People Live

Case 1 – Job Interview

Picture the following scenario: you’ve just finished an interview for a new job, and you’ve been told it’s been narrowed down to 3 candidates, and you’re one of them. All three of you are highly qualified for the position and have the experience and credentials the employer is looking for.

Now imagine that you have been following the Adonis Index Workout for the past 4 months and your shoulder to waist ratio is coming closer to the golden ratio. Now imagine one of the other candidates is a skinny guy with small weak looking shoulders and no chest to speak of. The third candidate is significantly overweight and has a huge beer gut. All other things being equal, which candidate do you think the employer is going to choose? You know exactly what the answer is. YOU! You will be the one getting the job offer. It might not be politically correct, but it’s the truth. It has been studied and we know people make judgments on attractiveness and physical beauty, so it’s about time you start capitalizing on your new attractive body.

Case 2 – Night Club

You’re out at a club in your town and there are 2 single girls at the bar. You’ve been following the Adonis Index Workout and nutrition programs for the past 12 weeks and you’re shoulder to waist ratio is much closer to the golden ratio than when you started. With your new shape the girls at the bar will automatically be drawn to you without you even saying a word. When they scan the room their gaze will stay on you longer than any other guy in the bar that doesn’t have a ratio as good as yours. Without even speaking a word the girls will have already categorized you as one of the most attractive and
interesting guys in the club.

You also notice as you work your way over to the girls that they are standing next to a big bulky bodybuilder, he’s wearing a shirt 3 sizes too small for him and takes a direct brute force ‘look at me I’m awesome’ approach to the girls. You notice the girls are obviously turned off by his advances and they are glancing at you for a ‘rescue’.

Case 3 – Beautiful Waitress at a Restaurant

Picture a time when you have been out for dinner or drinks with a few friends and you were served by an exceptionally attractive waitress. Now imagine this waitress got all of the food and drink orders wrong. She served you a Pepsi when you asked for a beer, and gave you a burger when you asked for a club sandwich. Even so, all you could think about was how beautiful she was. No doubt you and your friends carried on flirting with her and probably still laid a big tip on her simply because she was attractive.

Now picture the same scenario with a waitress that you didn’t find attractive at all. Chances are her tip wouldn’t be near as good as the first girl’s and you probably wouldn’t have had as much fun with her. These examples show the kinds of social power and influence that you can have with the ADONIS INDEX

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