Friday, 1 November 2013

The History of the Golden Ratio and the Adonis Index

When applied to the proportions of a man’s body, the Golden Ratio creates the Adonis Index, the exact ratio that holds the key to physical attraction, a superior male body shape, social power and ultimately a better life.

The golden ratio is found both in nature and in the architecture and art created by the world’s brightest minds. In nature, the proportions of the golden ratio are found from the contours of seashells to the spirals of pineapples. Some of the most astounding architecture in the world, like the pyramids of Egypt and the Parthenon in Greece, were constructed using the proportions of the golden ratio.

Michelangelo’s “David” and Leonardo da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man” are considered amongst the most beautiful artistic representations of the human form. It should come of no surprise that they too display the perfect proportions provided by the golden ratio.

The importance of the golden ratio to the human form can be further explained when we take a closer look at the dimensions of the human body.

Euclid of Alexandria first wrote about the golden ratio in his book “Elements” back in 255265 BC. Ever since then, scientists, designers and artists have found that the golden ratio not only governs the properties of growth, but it also governs the proportions of the ideal human body.

This Diagram illustrates some of the sections of the body that are proportioned in the golden ratio. For example the distance from the top of your head to your navel is in the golden ratio to the distance from the top of your head to your fingertips.

The length of each section of your finger is in golden ratio to the next section as well as your hand. You have been subconsciously looking at the golden ratio your whole life and didn’t even know it! 

Even human DNA is built according to the golden ratio. The cycle length of your DNA double helix is in the golden ratio to its width! Every cell of your body is filled with millions of examples of the golden ratio at work in the most perfect system of all, the human body.

Both Leonardo da Vinci and the famous architect Le Corbusier considered the ideal human body proportioned to the golden ratio. These proportions are the cues that draw us to these people.

The golden ratio was used to create sculptures that defined the ideal, powerful, masculine body. Greek gods and powerful warriors were all depicted with the golden ratio. Artists went to great lengths to insure that their sculptures exemplified this ratio to perfection.

Simply put, if you were to assign a single ratio to describe nature’s ability to perfectly balance structure and function, that ratio would be 1:1.618. This ratio allows for the most efficient, effective and aesthetic growth possible. When this ratio is applied specifically to the male body, it becomes the ADONIS INDEX. These fundamental laws of nature can be used to create the ADONIS INDEX WORKOUT; the workout that is mathematically designed to transform your body into the most attractive and powerful looking male physique possible.

The ADONIS INDEX is a specific waist to shoulder ratio designed based on height, and in comparison to other circumferences of your body. It is the most important ratio for any guy who wants to develop the body that women love and that automatically commands respect from other men. It is a physical law of attraction that is undeniable. The ADONIS INDEX waist to shoulder ratio for the ideal male physique is 1.618:1, the Golden Ratio!

For decades men have been trying to re]create this ratio. This is why football players wearing shoulder pads look powerful and dominating and why business suits have built in shoulder pads. Make no mistake; the wide shouldered design of a business suit is no coincidence. Broad shoulders give off the air of dominance power and status.

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