Friday, 1 November 2013

The Adonis Index and the Natural laws of Physical Attraction

Take a second before you start reading this book and think about all the people you know who lift weights. Chances are some of them are very dedicated gym goers. They might workout three, four even five times a week. However, do any of them really have an ultimate goal that they are working towards? More importantly, do they have a plan to get there?

Most likely, they are working out for one reason: to get big and to look good. Unfortunately, getting big and looking good are two very different goals. In fact, working out with the intention of “getting big” can actually prevent you from “looking good”. Many trainers have reported personally seeing guys make themselves look worse just because they haphazardly started working out and trying to “get big”.

There is a specific area of research called Anthropology that involves the indepth examination of how people interact with one another. This research has shown us that all human beings have the ability to pick out a beautiful and attractive person. There is a true art and science to creating a perfect body and it applies specifically to how women view the male physique. This is true no matter where you are from or how old you are. An 80 year old woman from Paris will pick out the same good looking male body just as easily as a 22 year old girl from Brazil.

For years anthropologists have been searching for the reason why you, I and all people find the same body attractive. What they have found is that the secret lies in mathematics. That’s right; a special mathematical equation governs the way the human mind identifies all beauty in the world. What is even more startling is that this same mathematical equation can be used to develop a body that women find irresistible, because it can be uniquely applied to weightlifting methodology to create the ideal masculine body.

This secret mathematical principle is called the ADONIS INDEX and it is based on the mathematical equation of the GOLDEN RATIO = 1:1.618

The ADONIS INDEX was created by applying the mathematical principle of the GOLDEN RATIO to the perfect male physique. Research studying the ideal proportions for a man’s body has found that the ADONIS INDEX is the road map to the ideal male body that will attract all women and hold social power over all men. The ADONIS INDEX WORKOUT is the only workout in existence that is mathematically designed to constantly move you your body towards having the ideal ADONIS INDEX proportions.

To understand the power of the mathematics behind the ADONIS INDEX and harness the hypnotic effect it can have on people, you need to understand its history.

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