Friday, 1 November 2013

The ADONIS INDEX WORKOUTS The Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Numbers

Just as the golden ratio is found in the structural proportions of nature, a related series of numbers governs the healthy success of a species. This special series of numbers defines efficient growth rates in plants, animals and even people. It was the Italian mathematician, Fibonacci who discovered this sequence of numbers in the 1200’s, and this is why they are collectively called “The Finonacci sequence”. Fibonacci numbers have a special property that ties them to the golden ratio; if you divide each Fibonacci number with the numbers that comes before it in the sequence your answer always closes in on the golden ratio 1:1.618

Amazingly it was some of history’s best sculptures that first indentified all of the muscle groups that contribute to the ideal shoulder measurement s. The ADONIS INDEX WORKOUT uses the fibonacci numbers to ensure the proper development of your body so that you will move quickly and efficiently towards having an improved Adonis Index score. No matter which Adonis Index Workout program you use, the sets and reps are always designed using numbers from the Fibonacci sequence provide exactly 1.618 times more work to all of the muscles that contribute to your shoulder measurement. This will ensure that you develop a golden shoulder to waist ratio and your ideal Adonis Index Score in the fastest amount of time possible.

The Adonis Index Workouts were designed by professional exercise scientists using the latest research in exercise physiology combined with the mathematical and natural laws of physical attraction and the same artistic rules that ancient artists used to create works of art that exemplified the perfect masculine form. Following the Fibonacci numbers through each phase of the workouts naturally leads to muscle growth, shape and definition. Each workout is designed to constantly move your body towards your Adonis Index Ratio ideal score…the golden ratio 1:1.618.

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